Small Business Impact: Facebook’s New Profile

I watched Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg on 60 Minutes last night. Unlike most of America, I’ve not seen the movie, “The Social Network”. Very little news is objective these days, but I felt the whole issue of how Facebook came to be is too important an issue to form an opinion based on the creative license of a movie director. In an interview format like 60 minutes, I can at least see the real Mark Zuckerberg respond to issues in his own words. However the original idea for facebook really developed, Zuckerberg has done an amazing job of growing his company to this point.

I upgraded to the new profile today and spent the morning exploring. There are a number of very visible changes to the profile. It’s easier to see and discover common interests. I see more emphasis on photos throughout the new layout. There are more options to organize and share experiences. Also, there are new options to organize all of your friends by relationship. Lot’s of good stuff in the new profile.

What’s the impact of  the personal profile changes on the small business owner?

One direct benefit is the change of the overall layout area. The right side column is now wider than the left column. This change allows for more advertising to appear on the page. Facebook currently displays no more than 4 ads at a time on a page.

While there are a number of interesting changes to the profile page, highlighted in the interview, what about the business pages. Based on the sample pages available to review, here’s what you’ll see when your business page receives the updated format some time in the next couple of months:

  1. The Like button hasn’t changed. It’s still in the same place at the top in the center of the page.
  2. The tabs are gone. They’re replaced by new buttons that appear on the left under the profile image.
  3. The default landing area starts with the Information section at the top of the center column, which also includes a Bing map showing the business location. The wall section shows up below the Information section. The appearance of the map will take some time to adjust to. My first impress is it’s an eye soar. I’m very interested to see the feedback on this change.
  4. The check-in results display prominently above the number of people that like the business page.

Clearly the impact of Facebook Places is starting to take hold with the maps and the check-in information. We’ll continue to monitor this for our small business owners.

That’s it for the early observations. Look for a more comprehensive review over the next week or so as we get more time to examine the new changes. Stay tuned.

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What do you think about these new changes?

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