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I would like to welcome our sales success training guest blogger today, Paul Figueroa, the founder of Peace Enforcement LLC. Paul is an expert trainer, coach, and regular keynote speaker on topics such as building self esteem, conflict resolution, motivation and inspiration. I caught up with Paul while he was preparing to deliver a sales training module to Zee Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of McKesson Corporation.

Paul is going to share a few quick keys to sales success for small business owners.

Successful people and successful sales people create and sustain positive habits. These habits help them work through various challenges that present themselves. Challenges and daily bumps are normal, unless you make them a big deal.

In my sales training classes, I share strategies for creating personal success habits and developing skills to work through day to day obstacles that present themselves. It’s important to use different ways to focus your thinking that maximize “Positive Problem Solving” and really understand that you are the one in control of the situation.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of looking at the big picture. Perhaps you’re hitting a string of rejections, simply pause, step back and remember the vision of what you want to achieve and focus on that. Take a look at the big picture, which is often the best way of looking at things. Use and develop tools to help you stay focused on what’s really occurring, not to indulge a short term slow down.

Remember that the “Big Picture is Amazing”, and that’s one tool you can use when the day to day bumps occur.

Here’s another way of looking at it. It’s as if you’re drawing up a football play. You are the quarterback. The play, every play actually, is designed to score a touchdown. Your goal is to get where you want to go. You run a play to the left; you see a linebacker has moved over and blocked your lane. You look up and see your wide receiver is open, you throw and it’s intercepted. The idea is not to give up when a little problem shows up. In the big picture, you know you will get to run more offensive plays. If you focus on the interception, you’re in a funk, your performance (sales) diminish and you get the very thing you don’t want – A decrease in opportunities, decrease in contacts and a decrease in sales as a result.

Focus on the truth. Remember who you are in the middle of it all. Don’t take others actions or rejections personally. Remember the big picture. Keep drawing up plays. See if you need to make some small changes, maybe a pump fake to get a corner to bite. It’s not about throwing out the whole ballgame; it’s about staying focused on what you’re doing. Remember the big picture, your skills and keep playing!

One of our greatest assets can also be our greatest detriment; the space between our ears. When it’s finely tuned, focused, kept clear of poor thinking and fear that doesn’t serve us well, that’s when magic happens.

I want to thank Paul for his contribution and I would like to suggest that you think of ways that you can apply what Paul talked about to your small business. Stay tuned for more contributions from Paul in the near future.

Find out more about Paul Figueroa and his various offerings at his website

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