Local online marketing is critical to your business success and directories can help, most of the time. Here is a quote from Lookupbook (a directory service) website: “Lookupbook helps new business owners launch their business startup by providing free new business listings, timely business startup news, and new business directory advertising that enables prospects to easily find your new business.”. They use information from the various states new business listings to populate their free online business listings for businesses less than one year old. Sounds like a great service for new businesses, but is it?

Let’s look closer!

We were engaged by a new client earlier this month to help deal with an erroneous listing in Lookupbook. The business is a new handyman service and Lookupbook had them listed as a bakery. Because it’s a new business, the Lookupbook listing was nearly the top search results on a Google search for the business name. This is a major headache for a new business trying hard to get new customers.

We started out by going directly to Lookupbook to correct the problem. We quickly understood the business model. Lookupbook has a free listing and a premium service listing. The free listings are too, often wrought with mistakes or at best generalities. When we examined the free option to manage the free listing, we found the business categories that are available to new businesses are too broad to help them obtain accurate search results. And in some cases such as our client, it was actually a very negative because arbitrary tags with no ability to edit were added to the free general listing.

As a result, in the example of our handyman client, the closest free category is construction and general contractor. As previously mentioned, the free category adds arbitrary tags. Tags such as “logging and cement work” among others, were listed as services provided by our handyman client. These are clearly not our client’s business services.

We are attempting to remove the listing entirely. Short of that, business owners have the choice of buying the premium services and getting a more specific listing or doing SEO work to get their own website listed ahead of the Lookupbook listing.

I’m very interested in hearing more from you about your experience. Comment and let us know your experiences. As always if you need help with this or any other online marketing need, please send us a note and we’ll be happy to help.

20 comments to Lookupbook

  • Angela Scholl

    Hi Keith:

    Thank you for relating your client’s experience with Lookupbook. My husband and I recently started a home inspection business. I googled our business name and right after our Facebook listing, the Lookupbook listing was there. After clicking on it, it stated that we are an appliances and home remodeling business. This is NOT true. This causes some distress because in some circles, this can be seen as unethical in our industry. We’re just starting out so we need all the positive business relations we can get. How do you get Lookupbook to remove your listing?

    Thank you for any help you can offer.

  • admin

    Hi Angela,

    We never got a response from Lookupbook on behalf of client. You have the option of paying Lookupbook for expanded services to correct the issue, but that’s not my recommendation. Claim and update your Google Places profile and the equivalent on Yahoo and Bing. Consider one of the online business directory services that will propagate your correct business information. Do as much as you can to get your SEO efforts to place ahead of the Loopupbook results and make irrelevant.

    Drop me a note if you’d like more specifics on how we’ve help our clients overcome the issue.

    All the best to you.

  • Tom

    As with Angela’s experience, I launched a GOOGLE search to see what, if any, information was showing for my own company’s newly established existence and found it listed only in Lookupbook’s “business listing”. It was also listed with the incorrect tags and business type associated to it.

    I cannot help but think that there is some form of defamation at the heart of Lookupbook’s “business listing service”, as Lookupbook seems to arbitrarily associate keywords and tags to those companies that it gleans from public records and then offers a pageful of links and (affiliates?) websites related to those keywords and tags it has chosen to assign for the business.

    While they cleverly offer an option to login and change the incorrect data, the question of ethics is that Lookupbook takes it upon itself to falsely represent the business by designating keywords, tags, and a company description, that it has not bothered to verify, and then use that “listed” page to advertise.

    The concern is exactly like those mentioned above – especially for a new business – that Lookupbook, is creating false impressions about a company by trying to cash in on public record information.

    Are all of these incorrectly identified companies being paid for their help in Lookupbook’s Adsense or affiliate campaign?

    Your advice, Admin, is very helpful. It’s just a shame that along with the legitimate business listings, there are places like this other who seem less a service for new business, and more like they’re only trying to cash in on public record information lists.

  • My partner and I own a company that services the power industry. We had no idea that the Lookupbook listing existed until we made our own website!
    We are relieved and disheartened all at once. Relieved to know we’re not alone in being misrepresented by Lookupbook, and disheartened that we are not alone by being misrepresented by Lookupbook. I am sure that there must be a great number of people/businesses who are effected this way, and have not told anyone, and perhaps, do not even know.
    We have the same problem as Angela and Tom. Our business is listed on Lookupbook and everything about it is wrong. We sent Lookupbook a message explaining that we wanted them to take the information off their directory. We also explained that because of the false information, internet traffic is getting directed away from our official site, and costing us business. We asked that they remove the listing, and that we were willing to begin litigation(if necessary)to correct the problem. We promptly received a response that, quite frankly, we were not expecting. The following is the response that we received:

    Quoting Richard Draucker :

    Whoo, lawyers, eh? Cool.

    Richard Draucker,
    Lookupbook Publishing, Inc.

    End Quote.

    We then wrote a response back to Richard, to thank him for his professionalism and to have him explain what he plans on doing about our situation. This is the reply from that exchange:

    Quoting Richard Draucker :

    Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 00:12:28 +0700
    From: Richard Draucker
    Reply-To: richard@lookupbook.com
    Subject: Re: Lookupbook Contact Request
    To: ryan.kissell@sky-ut.com

    Mmm… maybe you should ask your lawyers.


    Richard Draucker,
    Lookupbook Publishing, Inc.

    One might get the impression that this false listing thing is going on purposefully, so as to force businesses into paying to correct their information.
    The small business community has enough to contend with. Small business should not have to be worried about being “shaken down” just to correct information that they neither solicited nor provided.
    Furthermore, if this is the way that Lookupbook deals with issues, then I think that it speaks volumes about what kind of company it is. Hopefully, something can be done to prevent this sort of practice from going on.

  • Steve

    Maybe it’s too early for me to judge, but I have mixed feelings about Richard’s buisness (Lookupbook Publishing). I’m about to build a site and have been researching an SEO plan. My client’s business is new and only recently has its url been registered, so I was surprised to see Google list it (and on the first page). While this is good because my primary keyword phrase found my client’s site, it’s also bad because the site is not ready and may receive a negative review by Google bots (for bounces). The tags in Lookupbook are incorrect, which may become an issue once the site is up, but I may be able to use his site to my advantage by filtering using negative keywords. If not, I’ll be in Vegas in Jun 2012 and will speak to him then.

  • Your findings are consistent with what I’ve seen and heard from others. At last check, the available tags at Lookupbook were very limited. Those that want to change their incorrect tags may be left with very poor options at this point.

    Keep us updated on your findings.

  • Jennifer

    Suggestion to all: My problem is that Lookupbook listed my defunct business on their site with my home phone number associated with it. Because they do not have phone listings for ANY OTHER BUSINESS in my area, when someone is looking for some other business and their “other businesses nearby” pops up, my home phone number is the only phone number on the page – the searched for business just shows a bunch of zeros. So then, the person trying to reach the other business dials my home number.

    The response I got from Richard was the same “Lawyers? Bring ’em on!”…but because he responsed he essentially admitted that he was responsible for me being harrassed in my own home, and that since he intends to do nothing about it, the harrassment is willfull. He doesn’t have any legal right to publish my home phone number when it’s not associated with the business he’s listed it with. Which was nice of him to do, because now I have everything I need to request that the FTC look into his little shake-down scam, because I’m on the do-not-call list and his refusal to take down my number, even after having been notified it’s incorrect info, means he’s in violation. Maximum fine for the do not call violations is $16K. I’ve also filed a complaint against him with the Vegas BBB.

    My suggestion to all of you above is that you independently contact the FTC and lodge a complaint. This is a scam and falls under their purview; they will go after this guy and it won’t cost any of you anything to do it. I’ve had previous experience with the FTC; if they all the sudden get a bunch of complaints about this guy, they will take action.

  • Jennifer

    Just a follow up to my last post: Steve, you won’t be able to talk to Richard in Vegas because he’s hiding out in the Phillipines and has been since 2009 (I’ve been using my google fu to track down this scumbag). He’s apparently quite pleased with this scam, is quite certain that he’s got everyone outsmarted, but the bottom line here is he is engaged in what the FTC calls “deceptive business practices” and due to the tens or hundreds of thousands of businesses he has targeted, he’s created quite a large class for a class action against him. I do not know if the FTC can pursue him in the Phillipines, but they can certainly go after the host to get the site taken down and may well be able to flag him so that if he ever sets foot in the US again he’s charged. You should also be aware that another of his domains seems like it might have been involved in another scam a few years ago, in which money was being fraudulently withdrawn from people’s accounts. The trail on that one is a little less clear; you can read about it here http://complaintwire.org/Complaint.aspx/YBIXTWYIBgA63AjMLpEbZg and decide for yourself.

    That aside, what Richard Draucker is doing with Lookupbook is in and of itself highly illegal – he’s essentially blackmailing each and every business he lists with misinformation attached to the listing. He might as well be saying to each of them “pay me or I’ll continue to financially damage your business by purposely publishing disinformation” and yes, that’s illegal. The other possible recourse here is to notify your state’s Attorney General about this matter – he or she has an interest in protecting both the businesses and consumers of your state, and he or she may also be able to have the site taken down. If enough people complain enough to the entities (FTC, AGs) who can do something about this site, it will be taken down, even if they can’t physically go after Draucker himself. Though they might be able to make it inadvisable for him to ever come home again, which is a win in and of itself.

  • Miro

    You are apsolutly right,
    that is a scamer, he missrepresent our business and contact of our business herassing privacy. We request him to remove false informations , but he just reply to my email:

    Uh, consumer protection agencies handle business-to-consumer complaints. I think you want the Attorney General, better yet, get a lawyer and sue us for damages. We like lawyer letters, they’re always a load of laughs.

    Lookupbook Staff

    This is rediculose!!!

  • Jennifer

    Another place to report your complaints about lookupbook/Richard Draucker: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx – the FBI’s Internet Crime reporting site.

    Other info it might be helpful to include: lookupbook’s IP is; they are hosted by SourceDNS of Lansing, MI according to everything I could find, though the phone number listed for SourceDNS is non-working. Matthew Hill is the registrant listed for SourceDNS; email sent to him at hostmaster@sourcedns.com did not bounce back, but he didn’t reply, either. I’m going to be filing a complaint with the MI AG’s office to see if they can’t close in on the host.

    For anyone else who has been damaged by this scheme, please please do file those complaints – numbers matter. In every complaint you file, be sure to note the huge number of potential victims here. I wouldn’t expect my state’s AG to be all that concerned with my complaint, but when I point out that Draucker has targeted thousands of businesses in the state with his shake-down scheme, the powers that be get more interested.

  • Jennifer, thanks for your diligence.

  • Tom

    Lookupbook claims business registration and residence in Nevada (even posts this as their official business residence; however, in viewing their status they’ve been revoked for some time. Essentially, they’re not even operating as a legal business and are offering false information not only to the public (we know he’s in the philipines)but also to the Domain Hosts that allow lookkupbook.com and its other companies to be on the web.


    Lookupbook Publishing, the business name under which Lookupbook.com is owned, has no legal address – or status – in the United States according to these records, but this IS THE ADDRESS they use to register – including domains.

    Further, since Lookupbook.com seems intent on capitalizing and relying on, loopholes in how the web works, one course of action may be to bring this matter to those who allow his Domain to be active.

    Whois shows that the registered address for the servers hosted also points to the location of a revoked status business. Have a look at the address used for the Domain service.


    Zoneedit is listed as Lookup book’s current Domain Host.


  • Dana D.

    Hi everyone,

    Lookup Book is NOT a LEGIMATE Company. Like many of you I have gotten the same response from “Richard Draucker” stating “Court? Cool, we like court.” I don’t know who “we” is but something is definitely not right. Like many of you, he has the incorrect information listed about my company (home address) and upon contacting the company about the matter, I get a response stating “The answer to your question is among our common questions” and he provided a link to each of the common questions. According to the “common questions” which I read previously, it stated in order to make corrections or to remove your listing, you had to become a PAID MEMBER in order to do so.

    I am at the point where I want to contact 20/20 or Dateline NBC (they take investigations all the way across the world i.e. Africa in reference to the Internet money email scams)for an investigation to get underway because obviously he is not going to cooperate. If any of you decide to go that route post it here as I would like to make sure we have a large group when the complaint letter gets underway.

  • Dana D.

    Take a look here at the exchange:

    — On Thu, 11/07/11, Lookupbook Staff
    >>> wrote:
    >>> From: Lookupbook Staff
    >>> Subject: re: Your Lookupbook Request
    >>> To: “__________ __________”
    >>> Date: Monday, November 07, 2011, 5:15 AM
    >>> Dear ___________ ____________,
    >>> Thank you for contacting the Lookupbook New
    >>> Business Directory. In most cases we reply to
    >>> inquires within 24 hours.
    >>> If the answer to your question is contained in
    >>> the below list of frequently asked questions, we
    >>> won’t respond to your email.
    >>> Sincerely,
    >>> Lookupbook Directory Staff
    >>> staff@lookupbook.com
    >>> See answers below
    >>> 1. How did you get my business information?
    >>> 2. Don’t you need my permission to post
    >>> my information?
    >>> 3. My business information has changed or
    >>> should appear under a different heading.
    >>> 4. Why can’t you update the listing for me?
    >>> 5. I want my listing removed from the directory.
    >>> 6. I want to reach XYZ Corporation.
    >>> 7. You charged my credit card for a product I
    >>> did not purchase (or similar Internet scam).
    >>> 1. How did you get my business information?
    >>> A. Listings are obtained directly from
    >>> government business registration data.
    >>> 2. Don’t you need my permission to post
    >>> my information?
    >>> A. Business registration information is
    >>> public record.
    >>> 3. My business information has changed or
    >>> should appear under a different heading.
    >>> A. You may update the listing by creating a
    >>> Lookupbook Listing account, then find and
    >>> add the listing to your account and update
    >>> it as as desired. Start here…
    >>> http://www.lookupbook.com/accounts/login.html
    >>> 4. Why can’t you update the listing for me.
    >>> A. Creating an account enables us to specifically
    >>> identify who changed a listing to prevent
    >>> changes by unauthorized third parties.
    >>> 5. I want my listing removed from the directory.
    >>> A. We do not remove listings unless the removal
    >>> will somehow better serve our audience, such
    >>> as deleting a duplicate listing.
    >>> 6. I want to reach XYZ Corporation.
    >>> A. Lookupbook is a directory of new business
    >>> listings. Please contact the business you want
    >>> directly, we have no ability to contact them
    >>> for you.
    >>> 7. You charged my credit card for a product I
    >>> did not purchase (or similar Internet scam).
    >>> A. Lookupbook payment processing is provided by
    >>> Paypal payment systems.
    >>> While a listing for the company that charged you
    >>> may appear in the Lookupbook, we didn’t do it.
    >>> Please look carefully at the source of the
    >>> charge and contact your State Attorney General
    >>> or the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center at:
    >>> http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

    >> On Mon, 07 Nov 2011 06:13:29 -0600 (PST), ________ _________wrote:
    >>> I need to speak with someone. Please provide a telephone listing
    >>> for
    >>> you all and a name.
    >>> Thanks

    >> — On Tue, 11/08/11, Lookupbook Staff wrote:
    >> From: Lookupbook Staff
    >> Subject: re: Your Lookupbook Request
    >> To: “_____________ __________”
    >> Date: Tuesday, November 08, 2011, 5:00 PM
    >> We don’t offer telehphone support.
    >> —
    >> Richard
    >> Lookupbook Staff
    >> staff@lookupbook.com
    > On Tue, 08 Nov 2011 12:36:43 -1200 (PST), ________ _________ wrote:
    >> Wow. Well anyhow, you have the incorrect address listed. Please
    >> remove it thank you so much for your cooperation.
    > — On Tue, 11/08/11, Lookupbook Staff wrote:
    > From: Lookupbook Staff
    > Subject: re: Your Lookupbook Request
    > To: “__________ ___________”
    > Date: Tue, November 08, 2011, 9:19 PM
    > The answer to your question is among our common questions:
    > http://www.lookupbook.com/contact.html
    > —
    > Richard
    > Lookupbook Staff
    > staff@lookupbook.com
    On Tue, 08 Nov 2011 16:10:36 -0600 (PST), __________ _________ wrote:
    > Richard,
    > What kind of business are you running especially if I am asking you
    > to remove an address and I am the business owner making the request?
    > Now we can take this to court because you have a private home listed
    > and not the correct address. I am not going to register to remove
    > something I did not list in the first place. This sounds like some
    > sort of scam on your end. Again, my business is located in ___________ not ______________
    > Again, I am asking you to remove the listing before I proceed to
    > further action.
    > Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
    > Sincerely,
    > _____________ _____________

    Court? Cool, we like court!

    Lookupbook Staff

  • Eli

    @ Jenifer, thanks for the info !
    This site is nothing more than a phishing site, blackmailing you to correct what you never gave them to publish.

    That site needs to go DOWN!!!!

  • Miss K

    Wow Reading all of this make me so upset. I’m going to file a complaint with a few of the links that was provided. This company has my home address listed and refuse to respond to emails. I’m going to also contact Dateline and 20/20 something is not right especially the responses that regarding “Richard”

  • Julie

    Yes, I could cry reading this. The other day I freely gave my contact info to set up an account to change my address listed. I did not give c/c only email. I used my WORK email and have been hit with spam ever since. Had I googled the name I would have found you all and saved myself trouble! Thank you for the input and links and I am definitely reporting this guy. I will write to 20/20 as well (good idea Dana D.) Can’t wait to get my response from him as I sent a complaint email to him a bit ago. FACEPALM!

  • Yolanda

    I sent a email to Dateline last week and I filed a complaint with the BBB. If you file with the BBB make sure informed them of their California address and The address this company has in the Phillipines. Thsi company needs to be reported. There is no way this company is legit and reputable especially with the rude replies above. I encourage everyone to contact 20/20, Dateline and the BBB. I’am a internet business and I googled my business name and this company has my home address listed. I have contacted them numerous times and even ask for tech support due to the account registration not working and not allowing me to change my info prior to finding out they a scammers. I let them know by email that I know that they are a fraud. Of course they didn’t respond

  • Christopher C. Pennington

    Dear Mr. Draucker:

    Your website indicates at http://www.lookupbook.com/about/terms.html : “This site is created and controlled by Lookupbook Publishing, Inc., Inc. and its owners in the State of Nevada, USA. As such, the laws of the State of Nevada will govern these disclaimers, terms and conditions, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws. We reserve the right to make changes to our site, these disclaimers, and terms and conditions at any time.”

    My preliminary investigation of your company indicates that pursuant to the Secretary of State, State of Nevada’s website at http://nvsos.gov , that your Corporation no longer exists. Your company’s status is listed as “Revoked.” Therefore, you are personally liable for any civil or criminal wrongs that you may be committing by posting false information about businesses and individuals. By intentionally posting this false and misleading information and accepting payments via the internet, you are likely committing a variety of federal crimes.

    In addition, I have seen that a number of individuals have a problem with the false information that you are posting on website and that it is interfering with their businesses. Thus, you are wrongfully interfering with the prospective business advantages of companies and sole proprietors all over the country. You could easily have a class action lawsuit on your hands. I am not going to pay for an asset search on you personally because it is likely that you have laundered your money and have it hidden in offshore accounts. It appears from casual internet rumors that you are living somewhere outside of the United States.

    I’m aware that you have heard complaints like this before and have not taken them seriously. I intend on contacting the Federal Trade Commission regarding your activities. I know that you will not comply with my demand and that I will just be another complaining business to the FTC regarding your activities. I am sure they have already received similar complaints. I do not expect a response to this e-mail or any further action on your part. This closes our discussion and my further discussions with be with an attorney employed at the Federal Trade Commission. At present, the United States does have an extradition treaty with the Philippines.

    This is not an “idle threat,” Mr. Draucker, this is a promise.

    Christopher C. Pennington, Esq.

  • HonestASH

    My experience with “lookupbook.com” was terrible to say the least; and from the looks of these reviews, I am NOT alone. I contacted them about posting my PERSONAL information (phone number AND home address!), and when I asked to have them removed, a man named RICHARD DRAUCKER (who appears to be the sole person in charge of their “customer service”) proceeded to mock, disrespect, and insult me. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau… Hopefully something will get done about this SHAM of a “business!”

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