Local Online Marketing Using Google Places

Google places is a free service offered to local businesses. You can sign your business up in Google places by providing your company name, business hours, description of the services or products you provide, photos, videos, or whatever makes your business appealing to your target market.

After submitting the listing you wait for Google to approve it. If approved it will show up in Google places but you have no control as to where it shows up. It could be on the first page or on the 50th page. There is nothing you can do to position your business on the first page of Google Places. If Google chooses to position your business on the first page of Google places it can take some time to happen. After submitting your business, check back and perform a search on your keywords and see if your business has moved up in the listings of Google Places.

You can see an example of Google places below.


For more information on how to list your business in Google places click this link:

There are additional paid features of Google places you can use that include, Google Tags and Google Boost. Google tags are yellow tags that highlight your business. You pay a flat $25.00 fee per month for your tags. The tags can show photos important to your business; they can offer coupons or discounts on your products or services. Tags show up in Google places and on Google maps.

Google Boost is a paid service. Think of it as local PPC. You pay a fee only when your ad is clicked. The minimum threshold cost is $50 per month. Your business also receives a blue balloon on the Google map. The example below is from Google places help.

The more places you can gain exposure on the Internet for your business, the more likely new clients will find you. Take the time to list your business in Google Places. If you need assistance in helping you list your business in Google places, give us a call or send an email to Keith@PKBusinessmarketing.com.

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