Local Online Marketing – Google’s Search Engine Changes

Local online marketing is a necessity for small business owners. The exponential increase of Internet searches clearly indicates that the Internet is where your customers are looking for your service or product.

I’ve done my own informal survey with family, friends, and other business owners and I rarely find anyone who uses the yellow pages or newspaper to find a service or product they need. Both of these methods of advertising are dwindling quickly and themselves are looking for ways to take their own businesses online. They recognize the change in behavior of consumers and want to tap into it, just as you do.

Google has made changes to the way it searches for information and how it delivers it to you. It is referred to as Caffeine. This new method delivers 50 percent fresher results for web searches over the last type of search method and it’s the largest collection of web content it’s ever offered. The goal is to deliver relevant content to you much sooner after it’s published than ever before.

This change was driven by the people who search. Searcher expectations are changing, people want relevant information more quickly and people who write content want it published and found faster as well.

What does this mean to you, the small business owner? This means that on your website you need to:

  • Add or refresh the content on your website more frequently.
  • Provide rich content about your product or service that adds value for your customers.
  • Build your online expert reputation in your niche by writing articles, hosting an Internet radio show, writing a blog, or posting videos about your product or service.
  • Engage in social media to create a connection with your customers. Google highly favors recommendations from people on social media when returning search results.

Creating a website and leaving it on the Internet without any interaction or changes to it has passed. A website on the Internet without traffic is the same as writing a brochure that is never handed out. No one will see it and your customers will not find you. Having a website includes activity so that both Google and your customers can find you.

What are you doing to keep your website active?
To read more about Google’s Caffeine click the following link:

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