Local Online Marketing – 5 Reasons to Write List Posts

Local online marketing using lists posts creates great content for your clients. A list post consists of a number of items identified by either a bulleted list or a numbered list. A numbered list is typically, but not always, used to indicate a linear progression of tasks. You can also use a numbered list when you identify a number of items that you will discuss. For example, this posts is named “5 Reasons to Write List Posts” so a numbered list works because it tracks the items for you and you can identify where you are in the list.

5 Reasons to Write List Blog Posts

  1. Easy to write – Because you are the expert in your niche, you know a lot about your service/product than you think you do. To create a list post you can use the most commonly asked questions by your clients and create tips, tricks, reasons, or it could even be a process that you want to outline for them. There are endless ways to use a list blog post.
  2. Fast to write – A list post is also fast to write. The idea is to cover the key points at a high level, not to go in to detail on each point. This gives readers the big picture about each item in the list. You can use each of the items in your list posts as topics for other posts where you can go into the details of the topic.
  3. Scan content quickly – A list enables your readers to scan the topics quickly and hone in on the topics that are important to them. People want to use their time wisely and being able to quickly find and read the information is greatly appreciated by your readers. It also helps readers to retain the information presented because it is in a list.
  4. Keeps posts succinct – Give good information for each of the key points but don’t go into great depth. Keeping your information on target forces you to write only the information that is important to the key point and keeps your writing succinct and on track. Don’t ramble, get to the point and stop writing.
  5. Simplifies complex tasks – A list post cam simplify a complex task For example, you may want to explain a ‘how to’ for your niche. If it is a complicated process, you can simplify it with the key steps in the process and explain each of them at a high level.

Using a list blog post is a great way to get a blog post out quickly. It is also a great source for future topics. For each topic in your list you can create a blog post that gives more of the details. It supplies you with an endless list of topics to write about. Practice writing list posts and don’t be afraid to experiment with what a list post can look like.

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