Local Online Marketing -5 Reasons to Use a Blog for Your Business

Local online marketing can be greatly enhanced by using a blog. A blog is a very powerful tool for local online marketing when used properly but first it’s important to understand why to use a blog for your business.

5 Reasons to Use a Blog for Your Business

  1. Builds relationships – Most websites are sterile and impersonal, but a blog is much more personal because you are speaking directly to your clients. In your blog posts you have the chance to exhibit your expertise in your niche, offer value and build trust. People use the Internet to locate local businesses and your blog posts enable potential clients to get a feel for who you are, what you know, and they start to feel like they know you and can trust you. You start to build a relationship with potential clients before they even call you. It makes it much easier for the client to call you.
  2. Offers added value – Writing content rich blog posts in your area of expertise creates added value for your clients. When a client reads your blog posts and can use the information you provide immediately they recognize that you really want to help solve their problem. Their thought process goes something like this: “If he/she gives away this much information for free, I wonder what I will get when I pay for his/her service/product?” You want to stand out as the business in your niche that provides the extra value and goes the extra mile. It also enhances your relationship with existing clients because they continue to receive added value from your expertise.
  3. Raises your page ranking in search engines – Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing see content as king on the Internet. As a search engine, it is their job to provide value to their clients by returning search results that match what their clients are looking for. To provide a high level of service the search engines look for new content and by writing new blog posts you fulfill this need and will move your blog higher in the search engine results and give it page ranking.
  4. Builds your credibility as an expert – Writing blogs containing content rich information about your niche builds your credibility as an expert. When people are comparing you to other providers of your service, they will see you as the expert because your blog posts prove your expertise with your writing.
  5. Attracts new clients – All of the above reasons all lead to new clients. When you write blog posts, it moves you up in the search engine results, potential clients can find you, people see you as the expert in your niche, they feel like they know you, and it is very easy for them to make that call to do business with you. A good part of your work is already done.

Using a blog for your business is a powerful tool for positioning you above your competition. It helps existing clients stay connected to you and potential clients get to know and trust you.

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