Local Online Marketing – 6 Items to Include on Your About Page

Local online marketing includes a clear and concise About page. Whether on a web site or a blog you need a page that clearly states the purpose of your business and intention for the blog. Let’s take a look at what to include in your About page.

6 Items to Include on Your About Page

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Highlighted areas of the About Page

Items to Include on the About Page

  1. Lead-in sentence – Create a lead-in sentence for your About page that includes your keywords. Use the keywords in a way that naturally fits the context. Sometimes the lead-in sentence may feel a little awkward at first but play with it until you can make the keywords fit naturally into the sentence.
  2. Tagline – Write a tagline containing keywords that states what your business is about. For example, our tagline is “Your Local Online Marketing Partner”. The tagline can be located either in your About page or in the title of your blog.
  3. Identification – State your name, title, and include your photo. This adds a personal touch and gives a face to your business. A short video about you and your business is a great way to create trust with potential clients. Make sure you refer clients to your contact information on your web site.
  4. Who You Serve – Clearly state who your business serves. For example, other business owners, consumers, or home owners etc. You want the potential client to self-qualify for your service or product. If a potential client has to work hard to determine if they are your perfect client, you’ve lost them.
  5. Problem/Solution – Clearly state the problem that your business solves. Explain how your business can solve the problem and state the key benefits of your solution.
  6. Biography/Company history – Depending on the type of business you own, you can include either your biography or a company history or both. If your business is service related then a biography lends credibility to your qualifications and why you are the expert in your niche. If your business is more of a team effort you may want to include the company history to lend credibility to your success over the years.

The more information you can provide to potential clients the better off you will be. Because the client understands what your business does and the problem it solves, your conversation will be more succinct and to the point. You client will also be farther along in the sales process. It will take less time and as we know, time is money.

Take a look at the following screenshot that shows you the different elements of an effective About page. To view a larger image, click the image. After viewing the image, to return to the blog, click the back arrow in the browser window.

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