Local Online Marketing – 5 Tips for Using a Blog for Marketing

Local online marketing is very powerful when you properly use a blog. There are a couple of ways that you can use a blog for your business. If you have an existing web site, you can create a separate blog and simply link to it from the website. If you are creating a new website, I suggest using WordPress and create a page for your blog on that new web site. Either way, you can use your blog to create relationships, expertise in your niche, and attract new clients.

5 tips for Using a Blog for Marketing

  1. About Page – Create a page on your blog that is called “About”. On this page include a keyword rich introductory sentence. Clearly state who you serve, the problem that you solve, and the key benefit of your service or product. Make sure to include keywords in the description of the problem that your service/product solves. You also want to create a Contact Us page that includes your name, title, business address, phone, business hours, and email.
  2. Use keywords – Use the keywords you have identified for you niche in the title of your post, and the first sentence of every post. It is a good idea to use it occasionally in the content of your blog post but only when it fits into the content you are writing. Do not overuse your keywords, the search engines call this keyword stuffing and it can actually work against you. Stay on topic and if your keywords fit into the context of your writing then use them.
  3. Post at least twice a week – To gain the optimum value from your blog, you need to post regularly, at least twice a week, more if possible. When you post content rich blog posts, the search engines notice and increase your page ranking and your clients stay connected to you because you provide value for them. This process takes time but pays off with great page ranking in the long term. You can also use your blog to find out what your clients need by posing questions and asking for feedback. You can write about a current promotion you are running.
  4. Create an opt-in – Create an opt-in on your blog and offer a free give away that provides high value to your clients, such as a free report, a one time only discount on your service or product. You capture potential clients’ first name and email address and can stay connected to them by sending out special offers or content that they can only get if subscribed to your list. An opt-in does require that you have some form of shopping cart or software that collects and manages the names that you collect. Having a list of clients is very powerful. You can inform them of new services or products as well as specials.
  5. Call to action – Always create a call to action at the end of your blog posts. Examples of call to action include, sign up for my free report on ABC topic or one-time only discount, ask clients to comment on your feedback, pose a question at the end of the blog and ask for answers from your clients. Be creative in your call to actions.

A blog is extremely powerful when used properly and can create a rapport with your clients. This creates loyal readers of your blog and your business. When people find value in your blog posts they will refer their friends to your blog. Most importantly, provide a high-level of value with your blog posts and you will create loyal clients.

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