Is Mobile Search Part of Your 2011 Business Plan?

Is Mobile Search Part of Your 2011 Business Plan?

Mobil marketing includes many aspects and along with it you need to consider mobile search. Is mobile search part of your business plan for 2011 business year?

If not, consider these trends:

  • Forrester Research expects that interactive marketer spending on mobile search and display will grow at a 28 percent compound annual growth rate over the next five years.
  • Forrester expects that mobile Internet usage will increase at a compound annual rate of 12.7 percent, with 117 million people — 36 percent of the US population — searching and browsing while using their mobile devices by 2015. In 2010, mobile Internet usage was up to 27 percent of mobile subscribers, representing 64 million consumers in the United States.

These trends clearly require a call to action for small businesses to get in front and be prepared. Here are 3 basics steps to consider:

  1. Establish an optimized mobile website for your business. Ensure your website loads quickly on the new smart phones, your company message is clearly viable and understood and your contact information is prevalent.
  1. Claim your business on the major search engines and business directories. The wave of new location-based services have moved the major search engines and directory services to implement a requirement for businesses to claim their location, if you want to be seen in the local mobile search of the future.
  1. Start managing your customer reviews like currency. New services from Google and existing directory services like Yelp put a heavy premium on customer reviews and ratings. These comments are already very important for business success, but they will become gold in the future.

Following these basic steps will position you well as the search engines redefine how local mobile search results are determined. Get started today.

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