How to Select a Mobile Website Solution

Mobile websites are the new frontier for marketing. Your customers are ready for it, are you? The number of people using a mobile device to search for and buy products online is growing exponentially. Local information seekers are action oriented and 40% of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. The question is not if you need a mobile website, the question is when will you get one, before or after the rest of your competitors?

Most companies’ websites are not mobile optimized. To determine if your website is mobile optimized, simply use a Smartphone and type in your website address. If you see a smaller version of your website that is impossible to read without enlarging the screen, then your main website is not mobile optimized nor is it Google friendly.

The reason that you want a mobile optimized website is because Google rewards you for it in the search results. What Google is looking for from a mobile website includes:

  • Speed – how fast does your mobile site load?
  • Formatting – is the mobile website easy for a visitor to read without scrolling or enlarging the screen?
  • Relevance – Is the page content applicable to what the user was searching for? If a user can’t read your website, they will leave it quickly and Google will see this as a website that does not display relevant information because the user left so quickly and this is a strike against your website.

When considering a mobile website solution, look for the following items:

  • Non-proprietary solution – do not buy a proprietary solution that must be hosted for you. These types of solutions are often done on proprietary software and if in the future you wanted to change carriers it would be very difficult if not impossible without starting over. Ask the potential provider if the solution is on a proprietary platform and if so, what is the exit strategy if you ever wanted to leave? Can you take your website and website address with you?
  • If you want a mobile website, make sure that is what you are receiving. Some providers may actually be creating a mobile app rather than a website. Mobile apps have their uses but they do not function like mobile websites. A mobile application must be found and downloaded to be of use. A mobile website can be found via a search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Runs on 99% of mobile devices – make sure the solution creates a mobile website that runs on 99% of mobile devices. It’s very difficult for any solution to run on all mobile devices because new devices are created everyday.
  • Easy to administer – if you are going to do your own mobile website administration then make sure that the solution is easy to use. Another option is to pay the provider a monthly fee to administer it for you. There is always a certain amount of maintenance tasks that go along with owning any website.
  • Loads quickly and keeps the visitor on your website- Make sure the solutions loads quickly and you like the look and feel of the solution. You want a mobile website that is easy to navigate and keeps the visitor engaged. Ask to see sample websites and test these websites from your Smartphone.

If you have additional questions about mobile solutions please give us a call or send an email and ask for a free mobile website consultation.

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