6 Reasons Business Owners Should Buy an iPad 2

You’re not the early adopter, but you can’t help but be caught up in the buzz about the new Apple iPad 2, along with all of the competing tablet producers shouting out their benefits trying to carve out a space. It reminds me of a pickup basketball game on the playground with all of the competitors jumping up and down hollering pick me, pick me, I want to play, too!

You’re wondering, is this product really for me?

Is there any value for a small business owner?

Why should I buy one?

Here are a few tidbits to help you with your decision. My 6 reasons a small business owner should buy the new Apple iPad 2.

  1. Number one on the list is convenience. It weighs just 1.3 pounds and has the dimensions of a good size magazine. The screen size and lighting is excellent. Your chiropractor probably gives this product high marks, if you’re replacing a laptop.
  1. Applications! Apple has approximately 65,000 applications available for the iPad 2. Sure, thousands of them are just fluff, but everything you need is there and works well. Mail, browser, presentation, spreadsheet, etc. is all there. Plus, the entertainment suite including book readers, photo viewing, movie player, games and all the rest. Comparably, the competitors are completely overwhelmed by all the options from Apple.
  1. An estimated battery life of up to 10 hours. Enough said!
  1. You now have network options. You can buy the WiFi only variant. It works fine for those of you that live and work in an environment where WiFi is always available. If you want the mobile flexibility, here are three choices for you:

a)      AT&T is the long time partner with Apple. Many iPhone users know it well and either love or hate the network.

b)      Next, Verizon Wireless is now available as an option. As a former employee of both companies, I have a difficult time objectively debating the choice for you. The bottom line is that you do have choice. Network choice is your decision based on coverage where you live, work, and play. You make the choice.

c)      Consider using Clear. Get one of the Clear Spot or the Clear Spot+ portable WiFi devices. Pull out the small, self powered (3-4 hours of battery life), instant hotspot device (the size of a deck of cards) and you have instant network connectivity. If you’re a heavy band-width user, this may end up being the least expensive option. Neither AT&T nor Verizon Wireless offer unlimited usage plans to new subscribers.

  1. Next is the user interface, (UI) and the ease of use. If you’re one the tens of millions of iPhone or iTouch users, you’ve got the foundation for the UI. People using the apple products rave over the UI. You’ll be up and running in a heartbeat.
  1. Finally and most important for the business owner is the value proposition. If you’re looking at this device as an alternative to the laptop, look no further than the cost of the applications. The average cost of an iPad 2 app is less than $5. Compare that to any app on your laptop. You may want to add a few accessories, such as a keyboard and mouse, but your total cost of ownership compared to laptop is not even close.

Now that you have a little more information to make a more informed decision, you may not have a choice. As of today, the iPad 2 is sold out across the country. With the challenges facing Japan after earthquakes, tsunami and radiation, no one can predict how long it will be before the major suppliers are back online or alternative suppliers are found for Apple.

Be patient and keep the Japanese people in your prayers.

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