5 Mobile Strategies That Increase Revenue

Mobile marketing strategy and use of mobile devices is on fire and you want your business to be a part of it. The trend is clear; people are switching to mobile devices to perform local searches for products and services. If your business is geographically dependent then the number of people searching for you business is going to be higher than other types of businesses.

Now is the time to think about how you can use the mobile marketing boom to your advantage. Start thinking about how you can use mobile marketing strategies to attract new clients, retain existing clients and grow your revenue stream. The following list contains a few strategies that you can get up and running quickly.

5 Mobile Marketing Strategies
Many of the following strategies are sent via text messaging to a customer’s phone. You can send text messages to anyone with a cell phone who has given you permission to do so. Keep in mind that there are specific rules about texting that you must follow. However, that is a subject for another blog post.

Mobile strategies to consider for your business include:

  1. Alerts – You can send out tips, advice, news, updates and in these messages you can include a link back to your website or perhaps to a special offer page.
  2. Mobile Coupons/Discount offers – Send out mobile coupons and discounts for slow periods of time in your business. This is very effective for restaurants. Create a coupon for a slow evening that is 2 for 1 or 15% off a desert. What suddenly was a slow evening will be a money making evening.
  3. Reminders/Appointment Confirmations – This is a great strategy for any type of business that is dependent upon appointments for revenue. You can send text messages as reminders to your customers rather than calling them. This is useful for dentists, hair salons, chiropractors, massage therapists, spas, and eye doctors.
  4. QR codes – Create QR codes that a user scans with their Smartphones. Place the QR codes on brochures, your website, business cards, table tents. Use the QR code to send them to coupons, specials, a website with a special offer, to your main website, or to a voicemail with a special message. The options are endless.
  5. Voting and polls – People love to give their opinions. Use voting and polls to obtain marketing information. Ask your customers what they want and provide it. There’s nothing better than hearing directly from your customers on which new products or services to offer to them.

As you can see there are many mobile strategies that you can apply to increase revenue. This is a lot of information to consider and if you have additional questions about how to implement these strategies please contact us for a mobile strategy consultation.

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